Bill of Materials by Floor

Hi Dynamo community,
I’am kind a new to dynamo and I’am trying to get the material quantity in a project by floor wise. For that, I was planning to intersect a solid(in a shape so that an entire floor is covered) and a selected material group(pipes for instance) however, Does.Intersect node does not seem to work with solids. I had tried intersecting materials with generic models and that was a success.I could try the same method but dynamo offers much faster ways to create solids especially if the project is more than 30 floors. Any recommendations to solve the issue will be much appriciated.
BoQ by Floor.dyn (165.1 KB)
Thanks in advance…

What’s the problem with Material Takeoff from Revit? :slight_smile:

Material Takeoff doesnt seem to include Pipes,Ducts etc. Scheduling doesnt help me because prior to schedule I have to somehow fill a parameter that describes the location(floor) of the object. Thats why I wanted to intersect solid(in the shape of floor) with whole level of objects. Then I can fill location parameter of those objects to schedule them.

Ah ok.

I think I would create a schedule where you create a calculated parameter like this: circuit * length. Then you’ll have the material for the ducts, pipes, etc.

The other thing with the floor/location - as you say - must be calculated in Dynamo in someway. Could it be per room instead of floor?

Well, per room sounds much better.
I was going to try something for each room later. I thought per floor would be easier but if there is a way to get room objects directly, that sounds like a full solution to my problems.
Some objects may be passing through numerous rooms although they are a single object. This may complicate the problem.

I’m not aware of how singles objects passing severals rooms are measured/calculated but I’ll give it a try. There are a few nodes which output is Elements inside a room’s boundaries. :slight_smile: