Batch link models in ACC?

hi all,

did anyone come up with a solution to batch link/reload models in ACC?
In the past I could use any script or plugin in the BIM360 platform, but since they created ACC, it seems like the solutions are not working anymore.

Any ideas?



I have the same question. I found a graph used for repathing links, but it doesn’t work for models in ACC. It doesn’t seem to like the forward slash in the cloud location path.

Autodesk Docs://xxxx/xxxx/xxxxx

Doc’s paths are not file paths, but web addresses; you’re going to have to fetch the cloud model path to repath to an ACC model.


hi jacob,
my initial query was about the Bakery package from Luke Johnson… I was wondering if there’s any update on the ACC (since i know that the web API changed for ACC compared to BIM360).

Or did you tackle the problem in a different way?


No idea how Bakery did it, but directly linking to the local path is a bad idea (even for BIM360 projects) as of 2023 product line.

You’ll want to get a cloud model path, which is usually best via Forge.

Is there a script to view it in Dynamo, or shall it be interrogated in Forge?
Do you have any reference/link to it?

Dynamo can be used to call a forge API to get what you need, however I cannot share such a graph as it is proprietary to the company I was working with.