Batch Export Fill Patterns to All Families on our Server

So I have been looking around a bunch on here and trying to figure out a package that may be able to help me get rid of all the bad/non-standard fill patterns in our families and load in all the standard fill patterns in bulk. I tried to find a plugin that maybe could do this, but nothing works with fill patterns or in bulk. Anyone know of a package that could maybe help with this? I don’t have all of these fill patterns as pattern files so I am not sure if that will make this process more difficult. If nothing else, I can export them all and get them out to our standard families that way.

I hope I understood correctly what you are asking:
I started a new file, created a new file, created a new pattern in the family,

then I added that pattern to a material of the family (applying it to a solid extrusion), loaded the family (closing the file) and then ran this dynamo script:

The script is very crude (i deleted all the fillpatterns, leaving only the Solid Fill behind, you could choose which patterns to keep with some list logic)
Finally I reopened the family and found no patterns:

Now you can update your families on your server by going to File/Save as/Library/Family:

If instead you are talking about Filled Regions I do not think that the filled regions inside the families affect your project


That is somewhat of the process I am looking for.

First, I am looking to delete all fill patterns that aren’t in our office template from every single revit family on our server. Completely wipe them clean.

Second, I want to take all the template fill patterns and load them into every single family on our server without having to open them all up individually myself. Then of course save them.

It’s almost like the dynamo script for upgrading all families to the latest version of Revit at once, but I am trying to figure out how I would go about loading this into the families beforehand.

Do you want to load the patterns so that other people in the future can edit the families and change the patterns? Otherwise you can Just do what i did in my previous message to purge all the unwanted patterns from the families and let the project serve as a template for the future. If you load the patterns in the template and the families are purge then you are all set.
If instead you still want to have the same patterns in all the families(even if i dont undersand why) you can create a family with as many solids with material with your patterns you can copy it to your library (migrating all’ the patterns) , Delete It and save the families

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