Batch Auditing Project files (.RVT)

Hello all,

Recently I tried to come up with a script that enables a Batch Auditing Project of .rvt Revit files from a specific directory.

Searching in the forum, I read this topic that is facing a similar problem really close to mine: Batch Auditing Families

I would like to create a script that I can run once a week before leaving the office and coming back the next day with all the project saved after been audited.

I’m talking about opening the project file being sure that the Audit check-box is ticked, let the Audit to do the work, save and close the file. I would like to automate all this process.

I found this website (indeed extremely useful) and it comes close to my needs, it uses the Rhythm package.
But the question is that I’m not sure that this script is “clicking the Audit checkbox” when opening a project file.

I hope someone to help me; I just started with Dynamo :smiley:

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In the current environment, you can open several documents, but in a background mode. If you can manage to do what you need, then it is doable otherwise not.

try to see this

Maybe something will be implemented in Lunchbox or other of their packages, try to contact Nathan from Proving Ground

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I added this option to my node and will be publishing an update early next week,

Actually, I went ahead and added the Detach option too!


Cool @john_pierson :slight_smile:

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Thank you @erfajo for the advice,
And thank you @john_pierson for your time and skill :smiley:

I really appreciate that.
I really want to learn and practice more on Dynamo and I will rely on this forum for more issues.

Thank you guys

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The revised node is in this update.


Thank you so much.
I really appreciate it :smiley:

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