Baluster Count?


Hello everyone!
Any way to schedule baluster count by the help of Dynamo? Revit’s shamefully missing this feature. Thanks a lot!


Kind of interesting. But it seems the Element.Geometry node only pulls balusters from a railing. So if you count the solids, this should be right.


I accidentally lied. the rail in my example didn’t have horizontal members… So I made this little gem. Will upload to Rhythm now.



wow :slight_smile: I’m so glad I suggested this and even more glad that you responded by making a special tool for it. I was actually asking for scheduling purposes, so it would have been great if there was a way to know which family and type it belonged to and the count of it throughout the project, the level it’s on, etc… I still can’t believe Revit doesn’t have this built in. Thanks a thousand times for all the hard work, John! You’re great and an inspiration!