Ayuda al crear lista combinada

Good morning to all!!!.
first as always thanks for your help.
this time I have the problem of combining two lists that are related to each other. that is, a list gives me the dimension of the cross section (along each section, and this is drawn) and another the offset to the axis.

I would like to create the dimension and distance objects while keeping the object lists. I have tried with several LIST CREATE, LIST COMBINE nodes and it does not come out well.
The correct result should be 14236 objects in 229 lists, and I get 14236 objects in 459

This is a function of 0 based indexing. Both methods are working as intended.

  • 229 is a list which is 230 items long as you have to account for the 0 index and the 229 which follow it.
  • 230 + 230 is 460, and if you drop one number to apply for the 0 index you get 459.

The total number of items match in both lists so you’re likely good to go.

One thing which can help is using a List.Count with varying levels followed by a List.Transpose to see if your structures align.