Automatize proces of get values of a list

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I have 2 list that are related. In one list I have a list with 800 points. And in the other list I have 800 of strings that the index are related with the points. In the list of the strings I can find like 30 different values…I am triying to organize my points with the strings of the other list. I know how to do it, but I think that is a stupid way to solve my problem…Does anyone know a better one?

Tnaks a lot¡

@Vikram_Subbaiah for sure that u know a better way.

And this is for multiple strings.

@Kulkul It is interesting what u prupose…u reduce the amount of nodes but u have to type all the strings by hand…maybe there is one better¡

Are you trying to get “Unique” strings?

Something like this?

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No, I am just triying to organize the points with the strings. Imagine that index nº 1,15,26,48,78 has a string called “School”. I am triying to extract those index with the string School (1,15,26,48,78) and select the points that has those index values. I did it in the image, but I think that should be a better way than just tipyng all the strings by hand to filter the points…thank you @Kulkul for your effort¡

Thank you @Einar_Raknes that´s the solution.

You need to mention that your looking to group by “Unique strings”. Next time be more specific.
Thanks to @Einar_Raknes who guessed your query :slight_smile:

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@JAVIER_FQG Thanks for the vote of confidence. :slight_smile: