Get unique lists


i have some trouble with getting unique lists.
As expected i cant get unique lists, if there is in each list an unique item, here: ID of “Bauteiltyp”.
Logical that he enumerates each one.

What i need u can see at the bottom: 3 unique lists. BUT with the associated item “Bauteiltyp”.

I hope this is easy to resolve and I am grateful for your support.

Try to use name of family as string in list. Then it will filter it.

Yes, thats right, but for next steps i need the ID in these lists.

Each object has its own ID. How would you pick unique items? You can filter items over name and maybe pick ID of one of them.

convert to string , and when you have the unique list use " indexof " to detect what the index if the unique item, then use GetItemAtIndex to get the item from the main list

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Thank u for that great approach. It should work, but i still dont get the right conection.
On that way i do, i get two items back: 0 and 57, but there should be three.

Hey guys,

finally i found a solution, check this up:

List.Index.Of was the right approach, so thanks @khuzaimah.ElecEng