Automating Structural Framing Cutbacks


I’m trying to automate setting beam cutbacks in revit for a structure, I’ve tried implementing both the StructuralFramingUtils.AllowJoinAtEnd method and the FamilyInstance.ExtensionUtility method to no avail inside an IronPython component. I’m working on a very simple revit model with two perpendicular structural framing members to test my scripts. The two python components and there respective errors are:

Any advice on where I’m going astray or other methods for linking into the structural framing cutback/miter parameter much appreciated!

you have to unwrap these elements: that should address that issue on the right and left.

also, if you expect a realistic help here, please post actual code not an image of one. This forum has great tools for doing just that. Respect other people’s time and post code so they don’t have to re-type it. They are already spending their time trying to help you, why waste it.

Konrad, many thanks! Sorry for not posting code, I’m new here, I’ll keep that in mind in the future.

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Hello! Did you succeed with managing cutbacks?