Automatic storage, Intelligent placement

Hello the dynamo’s man and girls,
I come to you to know if someone was already interrésé in automatic storage?
The goal would be to make sure that the generic model labels does not overlap, anyone can give me the frame to follow? thank you in advance ! :slight_smile:

Hi @RenaultYann ,
check this out :


hi Mostafa !

Thanks for your answer ! i have already this plugin, he is so cool but a little too much time when you have a lot of generic model labels,

i would like to know if i can select all my model and clik on a dynamo to separate all with a space between us :slight_smile:
align my label is not my priority to the moment, i prefere know how i can clean my
technical plan :wink:

Sorry for my english ^^ i’m a french

hi !
if someone had an other solution :slight_smile: