Autodesk Username changed (Packages are not mine now)

Hi everyone,

I changed the username of my autodesk account from a request of autodesk directly, but unfortunately that messed up my packages ability to update them, in other words, I lost ownership of them,

Can someone have the authority to change a package username owner from an old one to a new one ?
Or at least linking the package to the E-Mail instead of the username ?
Any suggested solution ?


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CC: @Zach_Kron @Michael_Kirschner


Unfortunately we can’t reassign packages from one username to another. Do you still have access to the old username enough to deprecate your old packages? The suggested method is to deprecate your old package and publish a new version with your new credentials.

We have it in our roadmap to have a more sophisticated user management system, where individuals and groups can have shared ownership of packages, as well as changes to the Package Manager UI to hide deprecated packages by default, only revealing them if someone really wants to go looking.


Hey Zach,

It is okay then, yes I do still have access to the old username,

If it is not taking so much time till this is done, the updating of user management system,
Then I can handle the updates at least from that username, and switch back to my new one,

The thing is, old users won’t know that I have left that package and uploaded a new one, therefor no updates will be delivered to them, unless i got the chance to announce it some how, so, I will keep this workaround till the user system is updated,

Thanks for the help and guidance,

Hi Zach,

Have you been able to resolve this issue ?

I just changed my username, but cannot undo since autodesk accounts cannot have an email address as a username.


@jonathanatger - are you able to log in with the old autodesk id still?

@JacobSmall Yes, I log in with the same autodesk id as before (my email), only the username has changed

It is somewhat problematic that a 2-year-old post is still relevant. It should be prioritized must higher solving issues with the package manager giving authors much more control and flexibility over their packages than what is available now.

I am so very pleased that I have moved away from the Package Manage and now maintain my package at Github, like others also have been doing.

This is the very first thing that should be prioritized, namely, include a direct link option to Github hosted packages.

This would also handle the change of username. By this, you could just change the link at PM and then you will be able to handle the development and organization of the package at Github.
This could also support groups since Github do handle this.


I believe that one of us is understanding the issue (though your point is equally valid).

My understanding is that changes to username are caused by Autodesk account changes, and if the old name isn’t accessible then they will be unable to even access the packages to update them. It be like an employer changing your username but not your login credentials, allowing you into the system as before, but you’d have a new desktop/documents folder, and would be unable to access the old one. This sort of issue is often seen with Slack and other similar web based tools which use a SSO.

@jonathanatger can you confirm if this is your issue or if it is more along the lines of @erfajo was saying? I’ll review with the team Monday once we have a better understanding.

It cant handle the issue with shifting Autodesk account as such. It is true, that it would mean that you had to log in using the old name for maintaining the package. BUT, if the only thing you had to maintain was changing the linked address at Github it would be doable.

I have as many other uses a range of user logins at Autodesk since I over the last 25-30 years have had many workplaces and by that has got user accounts access to Autodesk there has been changing over and over again.

At some point 10-15 years ago I got signed up with a private account for beta testing Autodesk products, and that is the account I use today at the dynamo forum. However, my workplace employee Autodesk account is totally different. This has the daily challenge that I need to be logged in using services for the software with one account, and when I want to participate at Dynamo, I need to change the login.

This is a nightmare I have tried to address at Autodesk, and I think that someone at sometime, linked all my accounts together… however, I have not to this day seen or witness any change. I still have to switch between accounts over and over again.

This is just one extra reason to maintain my package using Github, that account is private driven and is not changing. If my Github account should change, I only need to change the address in my “placeholder” package there is present at the package manager site keeping the reservation for my package name.

I hope that Autodesk at some point will recognize that users very well might be the same over many years, but the organization they represent can change many times! That should never ever have any influence on their account, just a change in the email and billing address. That would solve a lot of challenges!

So on the short range, support for Github by a link would solve many issues as an author to a package.

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I’m honestly not that surprised with Autodesk, I sometimes try to find a solution for something seemingly basic in Revit and find peopl who were having the same problem a decade ago and it still hasn’t been solved.

Hi @JacobSmall

My issue is just about the Autodesk account. You change your username in your account, Dynamo doesnt recognize you as the author of your package anymore.
I cannot delete it, cannot deprecate it I believe, cannot change the description, no access whatsoever. And I cannot go back to my old username. In all honesty, its my first experience with the package manager and it lasted half an hour. I decided that leaving my private email in the open (the package was maintained under my username, which was my email) wasn’t the way to go. And I’m stuck.

To the issues @erfajo is describing : I use a private account, not linked to my employer, which causes the problems mentioned. Those dont bother me too much, maybe because i am young and haven’t had time to get into those issues with job/account changes so much. I second the idea to give the possibility to link a Github account.
Other tech companies host some of their projects on Github. Why wouldn’t Autodesk let their users host their own creations on Github ?

Best regards.

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@jonathanatger - the changed username is clearly an issue due to you effectively being locked out of your own account. PM me your package name, as well as the old username/email (please post neither here as that will point others to your personal info). Once I have it I’ll ask the team to remove the package entirely so that you can review how you want to share your content (I’d encourage the GitHub even if you don’t go the route of a link there for installation).