Attach Topography to Floor



With the below definition you should get similar results without splitting
Topography-3.dyn (23.1 KB)


Topography to Polysurface code (included in the above definition)



Hi Vikram,

Is there anyway to run this graph using multiple floors, that have slab edge edits?
I am a landscape architect and we commonly use floors with slab edge edits to model site.


@asargeant Should be possible, though I don’t completely recollect all aspects of the above workflow.
Please try selecting multiple floors and post your results here along with files and error screenshots.


I think the problem might no be the fact I tried to do two floors but that one of them has modified interior points.


Hi all,

First, thanks for this super useful thread. As a beginner with Dynamo, I have been trying to attach the topo to a surface using Dynamo for a long time and this thread has been of great help!

There is one last step I would like to add to my script : instead of offsetting the perimeter of the floor, I would like to be able to control the angle of the slope of the fill up/excavation. That way, regardless, of the height difference between the road and the topo, the angle of the slope will be the same.

I would be grateful if you guys had any tip to do that.

Thanks in advance.


The below definition, besides being a slightly improved version of the earlier definition I’d posted, has a slope angle parameter
Topography-4.dyn (34.6 KB)
And the result in Revit is something like this …


Hi Vikram,

Thanks a lot for your script and your time. Let me go through it and I will come back to you if I have any question!