AstFactory - Input List of Points

I’ve been trying to create custom nodes using the NodeModel. I have searched but not found a solution yet, or maybe I don’t understand. I want to create a node that has a XAML ListBox .

  • The input is a list of points
  • The listbox should display X,Y,Z for all the points
    Can anybody give me a hint on this?

Would be greatly appreciated

Do you mean a drop-down list for users to select a point? This is achievable by using the #data-shapes package.

Hello Ewan,

No, I mean that I want to create a form in a Node. And I want to be able to use input data (other then primary values) within that form. Like in the image below (a sketch I made) where at IN[0] I would have a list of points and in the listbox I would be able to use those points and show their XYZ.
I know how to bind data and create the WPF form but I don’t know how to link the input data to that table.

I will refer to this link :

What I would like to know is how to make the reverse of var sliderValue = AstFactory.BuildDoubleNode(SliderValue);, meaning that here the sliderValue is the XAML slider and it creates a double node , I would like to take an input value and move into XAML.

If you want to read data from an InPort and use in your custom form you should probably use the GetMirror functionality. - Search for “GetMirror” in this document:

Thanks. That seems would do the trick. I will test it and feedback on it

Thanks for the hint. Following the example of ColorRange I got what i wanted.

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Hey, I noticced that you all had the same post as another about getting the input information. I just posted a question on that post about how to get the input if it is in the form of a nested list. If you might be able to help that would be great.