Assign double (value) to strings in list

This is a noob question but how do I assign double to strings in the list?
E.g Perfect = 1.

The workflow would be:

  1. Assign value to strings in list
  2. If.ContainsItem node output is true, then get the value from the list
  3. Final outcome: the double will be plugged as an input to the * node.

Hi @Eugene_Badere ,
I think using a dictionnary would be the best approach for this kind of thing . You can use springnodes’ Springs.Dictionary.ByKeysValues for example :


Thanks for the idea! Though I was looking for a way to assign values without using custom nodes, I was able to replicate this solution using the dictionary from Lunchbox.

yes same thing. But Lunchbox dictionary is a custom node as well you know :slight_smile:

Hi @Eugene_Badere

Here is one of the possible way without using custom nodes.


You can also use Design Script (Code Block) Dictionary:

Thank you guys!