Assign "Comments"

Hi all,
I am new in Dynamo but a good user of Revit.
I would like to achieve a simple task.
My project is setted in Wokset e.g. workset A and B.
I want to assign elements from workset A “Comments” =x and workset B “Comments”=y.

How can I?

Have you done anything so far? it would be useful to see what you have tried or not. Then we can guide you in the right direction.

Hi @Pavillon,
I guess this is what you need.

Workset based Comments.dyn (29.5 KB)

That is great. I have no idea how to use those Phyton nodes but worked as a charm

Hi I have very basic knowledge of Dynamo itself (The very basics Revit nodes) Thus, sometimes nothing popped up in my head.