How to Re-assign Elements to Worksets based on Scope Boxes


I have inherited a large MEP model and wish to assign multiple elements to work sets based upon scope boxes.

I used the dynamo files and discussion previously on this link: How to get the elements inside a boundingbox?

However I cannot overwrite the Workset field.

Any ideas why this is the case as it works for rewriting the mark and other identity data?

Try Element.SetWorkset from pkg Clockwork

Actually, looking at your graph, you’ll probably need to pass an actual workset as parameter value, not a string. So it may work with the OOTB node as well.

Andreas, how would I do that? (I’m relatively new to Dynamo)

I have attempted to utilise the flow for two at once but have also encountered an issue with the elements not actually being assigned to the workset, just that the property changes.

See below… any ideas would be very welcome!

If the worksets have the same name as the scope boxes you could use Workset.ByName from pkg to find the matching workset of each scope box.