Array Handling in Versus 0.8.1

Utter Newb here. In my definition, I want to start by getting a list of parameter values from all the elements of a specific category. The following is based on examples I’ve seen, and it works in version 0.8.1 as shown…







However, on my work laptop, on which I am required to work, I only have the version that shipped with Revit 2015 UR2, which was version, and this same approach does NOT work…




Why don’t I just upgrade? Because I work for the US federal government, and appropriate approvals must be in place, which takes time. The wheels are in motion but, again, it takes time.

So, my question: Is there a workaround in the earlier version? Logically, I think it wants me to parse the array and pass one element at a time, but I haven’t been able to figure that out.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Tim,

Could you try changing the lacing option of the “Element.GetParameterValueByName” node to longest? If that fails as well, you could try mapping the GetParam function: