Area of selected walls in the building

Hi! I am working on the multifamily housing estate project. Now, I would like to prepare a certain schedule…

How can I define a location of the specific wall?
Let’s say, I have two walls which can be demolished. That walls are located on the second floor in the apartment A2.2.
How can I prepare a kind of schedule which will give me data of the area of such walls? - The additional area when the walls are demolished. That walls are created based on Base Wall Family, have an own type and Description: Demolished. And by using filter: Description = Demolish, it is possible to change their color, prepare a basic schedule, but what to do when the location is needed…
I came up with one idea to write the location into Comment parameter. But to do so, I have to pick all walls and fill the proper gap in PP. It works but it is time-consuming too.
I am thinking about using Dynamo to define levels, apartment, type of walls etc. But I have not prepare any script in Dynamo yet. I am looking for any tips.

If you have any idea or suggestion, please let me know. I will appreciate any tips!