Are Node Labels still available - HELP

This is a real basic level question I’m sure but cant find an answer. I am sure we used to be able to add labels to Nodes as a descriptor of what a nodes purpose is but I cannot turn them on in version 1.2, am I missing something really dumb or have Labels been disabled ?
If we right click on a node there is a show Label tick option, but how can we add/edit a label:

Just for clarity, what I’m calling a label is a text box that can appear above a node not a group with a name; also I am not talking about renaming a node, I need to see what it’s function is.

Any body got any clues, it would be much appreciated.

If you right-clic on a custom node, you get access to Edit Custom Node Properties. Is this what you need?

Hay Yna_Db, thanks for the quick reply.

Its not a label specifically for custom nodes, I’m sure you could add descriptive labels to any node like this: Hopefully you can see this screen grab from a video I was looking at.

OK I have found the solution, too basic,when you know how. It called a Note and they are available from the Edit Menu, Create Note or CTRL+W.

Thanks for looking, cheers.