app.Create.NewNurbSpline() Method?

Dear All,

to code my python, I’m following this example,

Application app = commandData.Application;
NurbSpline detailNurbSpline = app.Create.NewNurbSpline(ctrPoints, weights, knots, 3, false, true );

Yes, this is a C# code, anyway I could find Create.NewNurbSpline() Method nowhere in RevitAPI (

Maybe the Create.NewNurbSpline() is outdated?
Does anyone know, what is the corresponding method in new API Version?


Thanks Viktor!

Is there any possibility, that create Revit (Nurbs)curve, simply with Dynamo (Nurbs)curve through Python Input?

I tried unwrapelement but doesn’t work well.

At moment I should create (Nurbs)curve with (Control)points again, although I have a curve by Dynamo. When I can use dynamo curve as input, would be very helpful…!


ModelCurve.Bycurve and DetailCurve.ByCurve translate dynamo curves in revit

Wonderful!!! Thanks & have a nice day :smiley: