Any SCIA Engineer users here?

Hello folks,

do you use SCIA Engineer in your work? Or someone else does?

If you follow the parametric design in SCIA you might know that there’s a Grasshopper package “Koala”. It’s written in VB and generated an HTML file which SCIA can read. Not sexy solution.

Recently new version was published (S E19) with OpenAPI(C#, Python, VB). Koala developers ask a community on how to develop this package further.
So if you are interested in Dynamo package for SCIA let them know.

Here is a form

Here is a thread on the forum

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A SCIA package for Dynamo would be very useful! However I cant seem to open your form.

It must have ended apparently. I will try to ask for results because I’m very curious about it.
I try to connect Dynamo with SCIA via ZTN, but it’s not that easy like e.g. with Tekla Structures.
I’ve started a thread on SCIA forum, with some basic questions. Unluckily it does not have much attention.

Is anyone here interested in linking Dynamo-SCIA via ZeroTouchNodes (C#)?

Here are some useful links:
SCIA Github
SCIA OpenAPI general notes
SCIA API documentation