Any packing/nesting libraries for dynamo in existance?

Hi everyone.
Are there any packing/nesting optimization algorithms for Dynamo, equivalent to the Rhino-GH OpenNest library and such?

Not sure what that library does, but three packages come to mind with bin packing:

Miscellany by @Thomas_Corrie, which while not edited in about 2 years is very useful.

The Space Planning toolkit for Refinery GitHub - DynamoDS/RefineryToolkits: The Autodesk Refinery Toolkit (special thanks to Sylvester Knudsen, who’s forum ID I cant find at the moment).

The BIM4Stru package by @Dieter_Vermeulen has a few 2d bin packing nodes for linear bin packing as well.


Awesome, thanks!

I would advise if you want to do Bin Packing to either use Miscellanyor Rhino.Inside with the grasshopper one you mentioned, (especially if you are familiar with it).

Playing around with Miscellany, I managed to do this with very little effort:

@jacob.small, I would also keep an eye on the branches for packages being developed as it appears Miscellany has had more recent updates (2019-01-18).


Great! Thanks, John.
I’ll give it a try.

Yes, I’m afraid I’ve not got around to publishing version 2.0 yet :disappointed:. There are also some improvements I made for the last BiLT Europe and keep meaning to spend the time to tidy up and commit.


No rush - it’s insanely useful as is. :smiley:

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As an extension of my original question: are there any robust subdivision libraries for Dynamo?
By this points, you guys have probably figured out I’m talking about floor layout design automation here :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

there is this but you’ll need to build from source, looks like it never made it to the package manager.

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Thanks, Michael!
I’ll try this out.