All possible outcomes

hi everyone
i made a dynamo script which makes a design for a cable bridge. the design of the bridge can vary.
in excel i calculate the necessary beam or column size.

i want to make all possible designs and find the most efficient one ( least steal)
does anyone know how to automatically calculate all possiblilties?

thanks already!

Making all is the least efficient way of doing this - look into Refinery as it will allow you to optimize for least amount of steel and others without requiring you calculate every possible cross product option calculation. This will reduce your compute time by at least 1/6 of the total effort without requiring

If you’d like help doing this with your current graph post the DYN and I’ll try and find time to help you push this along.


Thank you Jacob!

Refinery was the program i was looking for.

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Great! Let us know if you need help signing up for that beta or if you struggle with getting started.