Alignment offset and Circle by Tan Tan Radius node


I was searching for a node which will create polylines from alignment offset and similarly for a node of circle drawn based on TTR (Tangent Tangent Radius) but was not able to find any. can any one suggest if such autocad operations node are available, i am trying to automate a process of Autocad layout.

I think for the TTR you’d want to make an offset of the two original geometries using the desired radius, find the intersection point of the offset lines, and draw a circle at that point using the radius given for the offset. I am not sure how AutoCAD deals with instances where there are multiple solutions though (ie: when the offset lines intersect At multiple points or a line), so you may want to consider that as well.

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@JacobSmall i am trying to achive bellow result, i think it is not as simple geometry which can be created with offset and radius unless i am really missing something of basic geometry, can you please elaborate response.

@JacobSmall thanks now got what you was trying to say offset method. and got the TTR done

Now first point is awaited …alignment offset to polyline for a given distance in dynamo if thats easy or we can use civil 3d for that part and get polycurv to dynamo ?

Sounds like a separate quarry than your original, and I’m not really a civil 3D user, so start a new topic and include a sample DWG and whatever you have done in Dynamo to this point.

Its included in this one only as i have asked for two nodes …anyway thanks alot for the reply.

if i didnt get any solution…will share the way you suggested.

  1. AlignmentExtensions.Geometry

  2. PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves

  3. PolyCurve.Offset

Thanks @mzjensen will go through this node and see if it works for me. Thanks