Align tag by referense


hello all,
try to align tags by a reference tag. base on taco pover’s code.(thanks taco!!)
the ref tag movment creates the vector direction, all other tags should align to.
couldnt figure the tag movment…
anyone have an idea ?
attached the rvt, dyn

AlignTag02-06.dyn (75.2 KB)


Hi Dotan,

It’s hard to tell exactly what you are trying to do in your graph, but the python code moves the tag by a given vector. As you can see in the graph, one way would be to specify a start and enpoint, create a line by those to 2 points and then use Line.Direction to get the vector for the movement. Feed that into the python node and the tags should move accordingly.

EDIT: I see the tags are placed on section views, that might complicate things a bit. Check out this post as well: