Air flow in duct fittings

is there a way to get airflow from duct fitting? Or to select all pipes that are connected to selected pipe fitting? I want to calculate pressure drop on the pipe fittings and i need the airflow. The ASHRAE is not useful for me.

Hi @Jerryncz ,

Is the airflow value saved as a parameter-value? If so you could use the node Element.GetParameterValueByName

No, you can’t see value of airflow in duct fittings. You can see only on ducts. But Revit must know the value, because it can calculate pressure drop from it. I don’t know how to access this value.

Its a little bit of a complicated process for the solution I found, but it can be done.

First you edit the family of the fitting by changing the connector element System Classification from Fitting to Global so you can get access to control the Flow under Mechanical-Flow properties.
This needs to be done for both sides.

Next step is to add a shared parameter (so you can schedule it) to control the flow. Make sure the Flow Configuration is set to Calculated.
This needs to be done for both sides aswell.

Load it into the model. Now you will see that it says the flow is 0, that is fixed in the next step.
Go back into the family and to reset it change the Flow Configuration to Preset, then load the family into Revit again. Next go back to the family and again set it to Calculated and load one more time.

Note: one step can be skipped by setting the Flow Configuration to Preset before loading it the first time.

That’s it. It should look something like this now.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Wow, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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