Adding Values from Two Lists

Hi All.

Just started playing around with Dynamo, and have had some success, but this one got me stuck, and I’m hoping that someone can give me a pointer on how to proceed.

In a given room there´s X number of Windows - Each Window contains a DYN_Win_Area parameter (Shared, Instance) with is calculated within the families.

Each Room has a built-in “Area” parameter (Surprise)

My Rooms also have a DYN_Room_Area parameter (Shared, Instance), which I’m trying to get populated by Dynamo, with the SUM og the Dyn_Win_Area in the given Room PLUS the built in “Area” parameter.

Hope it makes sense… :slight_smile:

DYN Test Room.Windows

Thanks a lot Vikram.

Unfortunatly the “List.GetItemAtIndex” doesn´t behave the same way on my end… In your example you get the values right, but not here…

Is there a way to sort the list by Category (Rooms) instead?

SO close now - Thanks again.

Change the lacing on List.GetItemAtIndex to longest

BRILLIANT ! Thank you very much :slight_smile: