Adding Shared Parameters to Family Directory

I was following the steps in this post and get “Application Close Document operation failed” What did I miss??? Thank you!

Adding Shared Parameters to a family

Hi @emcgann,

Currently you have two nodes at the same time trying to open the families in the background. I’m not sure if that might be a problem. Also can you put a watch-node on these two nodes (or one of them) so we can see if the families are actualy opened.

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Thank you for the response!

If I connect File.LoadFamily|DanEDU --> my Watch returns my list of families

If I connect Application.OpenDocument File --> my Watch returns Autodesk.Revit.DB.Document

Regardless - I get the same error “Application Close Document Operation Failed”

Hi @emcgann

In your second picture you have not selected a parametergroup, but in your fist picture you did so i don’t think that’s the problem. If a restart of Revit + Dynamo doesn’t help i don’t think i can help you further with this.

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Thank you! Restarting fixed it! I am new to Dynamo and didn’t even think to try that! Thank you for your quick response.

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I’m glad I could help :grinning:

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