Adding Shared Parameters to a family

Please see screenshot of warning message.

No problem- we don’t normally have just the one but as it’s a test I didn’t want to overload it.

I have added another file to the folder. Unfortunately the result is still the same :confused:

Unfortunately it is still not working.

Not sure what I have done wrong :confused: the same error message is coming up.

I have done… Guess what! a new error message.

The message this time shows a problem within the TransactionManager.Instance.EnsureInTransaction(doc) line.

Thank you ! it all turned into a blur up until that last post.

I have managed to get it to work (with your help :stuck_out_tongue:) when adding a single parameter but unfortunately it still doesn’t want to work when adding more than one.

Obviously just by doing it one parameter at a time will save a large amount of time but if I can fix in to get them working in one process then that would be great.


disclaimer: New to dynamo and probably the worst thing to tackle but duty calls!

I have been trying to follow this dynamo code for the last week and have been unable to get it remotely working. I am on RVT 2017 with dynamo. 1.3.0. I have tried using dynamo by it self, with a family open, with a project open, with a project and family open, or a new family from a template saved in a different location and have been completely stumped.

I am unable to even get it to recognize a folder for some odd reason past the first node.
is this something that need to opened and closed multiple times? as if the nodes need to be switched in a specific order?

I am unable to upload any files other then the screen cap due to being a new user.
The .dyn I am using Adding Shared Parameters to a family (23.2 KB) BulkUpgrade-sharedparameter.dyn

The folder I have the 2 families in (Family1.rfa and Family2.rfa) is called ‘fami test’ and is located on the desktop. The .dyn is being run from the desktop (have tried in MyDocuments, Downloads, even off a server, and no luck)

Is there a specific order that this needs to run in? am completely lost at this point but not giving up that fast as I have over 500 families to add these parameters to! this is an old smaller .txt shared parameter file am testing with. The current one is about 3 times as large.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

This is a Revit shared parameter file.

Do not edit manually.

META 2 1
GROUP 2 Site Data
GROUP 3 Owner Information
GROUP 7 Project Scheduling
GROUP 8 MEP Schedules
GROUP 9 ARCH Schedules
GROUP 10 Structural
PARAM 34223f01-bd95-490b-b129-48cc553fa3f1 C.B. TEXT 8 1 1
PARAM 8fa3ee03-2c92-4fdf-b859-38df65478709 Remarks TEXT 7 1 1
PARAM ba5da615-a1e0-44e6-905a-f7825623f442 MCA ELECTRICAL_CURRENT 8 1 1
PARAM 5d060219-5f78-4335-b79d-26788a63532c Lot Number TEXT 2 1 1
PARAM 43c0621e-8960-45e8-98f7-ce6458bea906 Governing Agency TEXT 2 1 1
PARAM ee8e9625-fdf3-4dc9-92fe-5382c40fcdb3 Vent Diameter LENGTH 8 1 1
PARAM 04a1902a-48f4-4e5b-ab46-bcff5a58ff79 Ambient Tempature HVAC_TEMPERATURE 8 1 1
PARAM 8831502e-9dcf-46a0-adac-edec88c7ef7d Length LENGTH 7 1 1
PARAM 2a421b2f-16b3-4e61-a485-975a14b72484 Zoning TEXT 2 1 1
PARAM 13475232-55ef-420d-bb3b-8e839e50389c Fax TEXT 3 1 1
PARAM 6726243b-505c-47ec-8b3d-cd138de47b78 Usage TEXT 7 1 1
PARAM 42ada13c-b44c-47e0-b0cb-d064a7bafa3f WB HVAC_TEMPERATURE 8 1 1
PARAM 30f16f44-ecce-4efc-88e1-a086df7ab2ef Address TEXT 3 1 1
PARAM 957c8944-2102-4b06-aa11-18833b795f78 Project City TEXT 2 1 1
PARAM ce83cd46-ed09-4ad7-ba58-7b3cd641e822 Exhaust Collar Qty INTEGER 8 1 1
PARAM 878e4b50-31e2-4531-92b9-329f32fd98c1 Phone TEXT 3 1 1
PARAM bdcfcc51-cf4c-475f-871e-2d15040ca098 Supply Air Flow HVAC_AIR_FLOW 8 1 1
PARAM 9b76fb54-c6e1-46cb-b399-541066e51357 Drive Arrangment TEXT 8 1 1
PARAM e59aed55-3788-497e-b7ad-360b16e642fe Noise Criteria NUMBER 8 1 1
PARAM 561e6d59-fd00-4efd-b7fa-f59c837edda3 Project Area TEXT 2 1 1
PARAM 8400455a-cb83-4433-a41b-16f2b0137060 Cooling Capacity HVAC_AIR_FLOW 8 1 1
PARAM b67a4e6e-b1b1-4a46-a6e2-690a0a62e2b0 EER NUMBER 8 1 1
PARAM 47a61270-9f73-4733-869b-e87e314bbfd3 MOCP ELECTRICAL_CURRENT 8 1 1
PARAM b865f570-516f-4d65-8619-156dd4864f55 Exhause Collar Size TEXT 8 1 1
PARAM 6fa53b72-c8dd-4535-9092-26744ed5d527 Unit Weight INTEGER 7 1 1
PARAM 18d88e73-e746-40da-8776-72ccd4f12de8 Date Of Survey TEXT 2 1 1
PARAM 1d54aa74-16d0-4fd1-85ae-c7948dfa519a Key Note Text TEXT 7 1 1
PARAM cdf08879-7ac0-44eb-b976-d9ebbc63a438 Moisture Removal INTEGER 8 1 1
PARAM 58f6f680-c435-422a-b64e-ea159a00e4d5 Exhaust Air Flow HVAC_AIR_FLOW 8 1 1
PARAM 4454338f-e372-4c98-a9f8-8eb91522234b Number of Poles NOOFPOLES 8 1 1
PARAM f47f5792-9d27-4e3e-a6d1-11b18e01f8a7 District Number TEXT 2 1 1
PARAM c83ca094-6efc-4fc7-9c75-61d8ff0314b0 Height LENGTH 7 1 1
PARAM 9ccc599b-ca12-44d5-a49e-36f367736164 Width LENGTH 7 1 1
PARAM 77ec639f-6151-4e3c-aef1-7b37bbacf7c5 Motor HP NUMBER 8 1 1
PARAM 19c14fa0-5162-45b2-8a8f-195d82354a41 Tons NUMBER 8 1 1
PARAM 4e393ea3-0a57-40bc-8d47-fe25900da83d Waste Diameter LENGTH 8 1 1
PARAM 5e8276a5-e8d9-473b-99d0-d7d816b20560 Supply External Static Pressure HVAC_PRESSURE 8 1 1
PARAM 70bef0ae-aeb3-4d41-a9a4-6ae125ce174f MIN O.A. CFM HVAC_AIR_FLOW 8 1 1
PARAM eddaffb7-62bc-4798-838c-fbc8336575a0 HW Diameter LENGTH 8 1 1
PARAM 2ef8d4be-e806-413b-ba8c-fdc513936da3 Sensible Cooling Capacity HVAC_COOLING_LOAD 8 1 1
PARAM a42631bf-ce1d-43e5-9a3c-ca0371df7c12 Project Juristiction TEXT 2 1 1
PARAM 3f24aec4-3627-49f2-be93-7672d81430f8 Wp NUMBER 10 1 1
PARAM 7bef19c6-1249-4a9d-8348-5a10c983ab05 Voltage ELECTRICAL_POTENTIAL 8 1 1
PARAM 718f26cf-8904-412c-9e41-49eebf2b93d6 Amps NUMBER 8 1 1
PARAM 21a919d4-a833-4319-b912-bb6a399cfcfb Phase INTEGER 8 1 1
PARAM a2b945d9-ef15-422f-a6ad-20d9225f2caa CW Diameter LENGTH 8 1 1
PARAM 9154f7db-aba6-4c0c-9183-dc33e0577aae Finish TEXT 7 1 1
PARAM 428b6de2-afb4-4726-bc45-524b40abfa18 Area Of Disturbance TEXT 2 1 1
PARAM a91cd5e6-7004-4d5c-ba8d-fd6d47e1056c OBD YESNO 8 1 1
PARAM d8ae1ee9-f69c-4b43-a9d5-ec44099a1a44 Supply Fan Blade Speed NUMBER 8 1 1
PARAM 41af48e9-647c-4795-9057-8dd43fb36276 Electric Heat kw LENGTH 8 1 1
PARAM c4cc96ef-4f7e-4b16-a9d8-6c120b21f93c P.I.N. TEXT 2 1 1
PARAM d321a6f4-8e6a-4c1e-af14-c36c4d62dabc MAX O.A. CFM HVAC_AIR_FLOW 8 1 1
PARAM e1e966f5-0ef9-4066-9975-e844653a75f4 Name TEXT 3 1 1
PARAM 2a63fffa-ddee-4abd-824b-763d6cac083d DB HVAC_TEMPERATURE 8 1 1
PARAM ca1f3cfe-b8b8-4a6a-a757-4f6c1a462a58 Controlled By TEXT 8 1 1

I’ve been having zero luck with any of the Directory.Contents nodes lately (OOTB and custom). Has something changed?
I was able to get Python to find files for me though:

from System.IO import Directory, SearchOption

dir = IN[0]
searchstring = IN[1]
foundfiles = []

if Directory.Exists(dir):
	dirfiles = Directory.GetFiles(dir, ".", SearchOption.AllDirectories)
	for file in dirfiles:
		if searchstring not in file:
	OUT = foundfiles
	OUT = "Directory does not exist."

Hi just wanting to know why I am getting the below warning -


It runs and loads for a time and then the warning pops up.

I have checked the families and the parameter has not gone across.


Maybe best to start a new topic and reference this as this topic was solved. We will try to answer on your new topic to make things tidy. Tnx

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Is there a walk through for how to use this script properly? I’m struggling to enter the correct values and what exactly they relate too.

thanks erfajo. If you would be kind of enough. Could you tell me where I’m going wrong below or not clicking too?

Dynamo 1.3
Revit 2017.2


you sir, are amazing! thank you heaps for the help and understanding :grinning:

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I’m experiencing the following problems:
“Run started” not giving a response
Search inside the directory not giving a response
(see picture).
Immagine 1

And also several crashes never experienced before after iinstalling the edu package…

How many files do you have in that root folder and are they all read/write capable?

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong please? I get Run completed with warnings "One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of CloseDocument that takes arguments of type (string.bool)

Maybe this post is closed now but can someone point me in the direction to geting the DanEDU package. the on I have dont seem to have the “DanEDU.FamilyDocument.CreateSharedParameter” node in it are any of the other node require to write to a family.

I’m trying to add parameters to my families, but cant find the packages to add them to my version of Dynamo 1.3,

I have read that it may have changed to Orchid but when downloading the file there nothing in the download.

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That is because you get ONE node with instructions on how to install Orchid from GitHub…

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Sorry, I’m new to dynamo so i’m still trying to understand how to install some of the package. never would have thought to look in side the node for the instruction on installing the other nodes.


Have you get it done?