Adding Shared Parameter in revit families

Hi Everyone !!!

I Prepared an script for adding shared parameters to revit family files. Successfully I done the script.

Now I want to add drop down selector from my excel.

For Example: I have Created 10 families and have to add number of parameters in all the family files. My script can add only one set of parameter from the excel. Here I want to add drop down selection to specify the family file or family name. Then it will fins the parameter values in specific row or column
and update in revit family file.

Please help me to complete this.
Please find the reference images below,

I would suggest you look at these possibilities that depend on your situation and how you want the script to be used:

  1. If the family is within the project then filter the excel data to the families within.
  2. Build into the excel file a extra column or two that allows you to select prior.
  3. Utilise Datashapes package to create UI’s that allow users to select

Thank you Brendan…

But I don’t know how to use Datashapes packages. If any alternate for Number node connected in List.getitematindex, it is better to select from the excel list.