Adding Insulation between studs


A tricky bit with adding insulation between stud layers as a material while maintaining the wall thickness in Revit.

I have a multi-layered wall with metal studs as a structural layer. The insulation will be fitted within the studs. So, I want to include the insulation in the model with the same thickness similar to the studs to allow QS to estimate materials.

If I add insulation as a new material, the total thickness of the wall is disturbed. Whereas, if I add material with no thickness, the quantity take-off is inaccurate. So, I am wondering if Dynamo can provide any options to resolve this limitation.

Any help from the forum is appreciated.


@Suba95 ,

can you share some screenshots at least…

…did you try some stuff in dynamo?




I managed to find that the error was with the existing material layers designed in Revit and not the dynamo itself.