Adding Counts and Totals to Excel

Here are some methods to get a count and total from a list that’s to be written to Excel. Then add that list to the front using List.AddItemToFront .

(Edit: image updated)


I don’t think you can do it this way. The way Dynamo interops with Excel is that values written to cells are formatted as Strings. I would be surprised if that worked for setting the Formula. If you were to add a formula to a range would need a method called Range.Formula = “=SUM(B2:B4)” or whatever that formula was. Give it a try, but I am not sure that’s possible with the OOTB nodes.

It totally works. I was sharing what I learned.


oh nice, I didn’t think that Excel was that smart to pick it out, but i guess I was wrong. Nice one!


In real life:

Here is a working sample. It uses Bumblebee, too.Screen Shot 01-19-16 at 01.38 PM

Published as a Package: “Excel Sum String”

Screen Shot 01-20-16 at 02.03 PM Excel Sum String