Adding 2 lists together under the same index!

Hi Folks,
I am a lost. I want a simple graph there are adding the 2 list together. The “watch” list index 0 should be in the list index 0. How can I add them together were they are under the same index ?

I hope you can help …


Did you just try flatten?



Flatten node is to much… i just want to a some new values in the list at the same lacing.
Therefore L1 in the list, i want to add values.

Do you have a good graph for that ?

Is List.Transpose not getting you what you need? It might be more helpful if you could show us what your expected outcome would look like.

As Nick say it isnt easy to know what you are looking for…something like this??

Hey @kamuYAGW8 ,

You need to chop the first list with List.Chop (with 1), because you need to split your main list into multiple
After that you can use List.additemtofront/end or List.combine