Add two buttons into Integer Slider Node to increase and decrease value instead of using slider

Hi all!
I want to create a node that have function same as Integer Slider Node, but it will be control by two button to increase and decrease value
Is it possible in Dynamo?
I just think about using winform in python but don’t know exactly how to do.
Please share your ideal or solution.

Hi @Vo_Minh_Doan

You could also use Dyno browser to create buttons

And also PyRevit to create UI buttons

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I haven’t tried this, but apparently sharpdevelop has an ironpython winforms template that can provide a UI for your design:

Tho I’m not sure how useful the end result will be to you, because when you launch a winform application through a python script, the entire dynamo graph execution will be paused until your new application is closed. That means that the your workflow will be more fragmented compared to using a traditional nodemodel node, i.e. :

  1. run the graph
  2. graph stops
  3. new window with slider pops up
  4. adjust and close the new window
  5. graph continues
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