Add Shared parameter to Electrical Spare/Space Circuit


Anyone know if its possible to add Shared parameter to Electrical Spare/Space Circuits

In normal Revit I cant choose the category, but I can in dynamo.
I have created a script, where I try to add some shared parameter to the category.
I have used two different nodes to add the parameters, but one of them just say “null” and another say "0 parameters is added to the project.

I hope anyone have a good answer:grinning:


If Revit won’t let you do it Dynamo probably won’t either. It sounds like a limitation of the software.

Not even a python scipt?

I can access the category through dynamo.

I cant code in python, so maybe some other just know the way?

Python just uses the Revit API. If Revit doesn’t allow shared parameters for Electrical Spare/Space Circuits that’s probably because it’s not allowed in the API. So even though you can get the category with Python there would be no method for giving it a shared parameter.