Add opening with dynamo and Revit 2016

Hi all,

I’m new to dynamo and I’m trying to add some doors and windows to walls. I tried the “hostedInstance” from Spring Node and the package "place.Windows.Door.Inwalls, nothing is displayed in the screen and the opening are not created.

I tried the creation via a python script, same problem. Does any one have this problem on Revit 2016 and Dynamo 1.2.2? Have you any suggestions to solve my problem?


Can you post your DYN? I’ve used this node in several versions and haven’t had any issues. It’s currently working for me with Revit 2017 and Dynamo 1.3.2.

test_opening_0.dyn (10.9 KB)
test_script_opening.dyn (4.8 KB)

Thanks Jacob. Those are some scripts that I used to test.