Add dimension text below?

Hi guys, Im a newbie . Please help me .
I wanna add text below the dimension line , but i do not find a node like “dimension.setbelow”
? Anyone has any idea. Please advice , Thank you .

I think that is something you should set on your dimension’s properties…

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Check the results of the Element.parameters node.

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even better check out Rhythm from @john_pierson


The Dimension.set.below seems to crash my machine every time. Anyone have any Ideas why this might be?

The lists don’t match I know but I have tried it with matching amounts in the lists and this still crashes.

I am trying to get Feet and Decimal Inches to show below my Dimensions.

First you should start a new post since this has a solution.

Second, the more information would be helpful. Your question bis too broad to give you any type of useful answer. Sharing the graph or an image, what the graph does, version, Revit version etc would go a long ways to help you.