Accessing zone parameters by space

I’m trying to pull certain zone parameters (e.g. Cooling Set Point) in order to use in calculations for each space. Fundamentally it seems like I could pull the zone name from each space (assuming the spaces have been assigned to zones) and then use those as keys to reference specific zone parameters and then pull the results as a vector.

That makes sense in theory and I can think of how to do it in R or Python, but I’m still learning dynamo. In there a clean or suggested way to do this?


You can group spaces by zone using “Tools.GetSurroundingElements” node from steam nodes package then Access parameter:

I think Ben wants to pull the parameters from the Zone and then write those parameters to the Spaces that are assigned to that Zone. Here’s one way to do that:

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Yes, thanks @T_Pover this is exactly what I am looking for, though I don’t see the Dictionary.ByKeysValues object anywhere. Was this from a package or maybe an older version of Dynamo (I’m using 1.0)?

That node is from a package called spring nodes.

Got it, works perfectly, thanks! By chance do you know of a way of doing with only native nodes? I’d like to reduce using any packages if possible to make it easier to distribute a script to other people and not have to worry about them installing something.

You could just open the custom node Dictionary.ByKeysValues and then copy/paste the python code into a new python node in your own script. That way the script will work without having to rely on the custom node. But I do suggest getting your users to install a few custom packages (archi-lab, clockwork, springnodes, lunchbox) as a lot of workflows depend on them.

Ah, I see thanks. I’m still learning and didn’t realize those custom package nodes could be opened!