Accessing Rooms' Properties from Python

I am trying to access Rooms’ Schedule Properties > Fields > Given Fields
For example in the Scheduled fields (in order) I want to retrieve Yer Teslim

Below I made a python script for the Rooms. Basically I want to do what Element.Parameters function is doing. I tried using a python scrtip like this but no use


Is it something like this you’re after, maybe with slight modifications?

I need to access all of the Parameter types from the main class or object. Because I will need all of them in the python script to make some comparing to each other and change values

Element.Parameters node is an OOTB node to do this. Why are you reinventing the wheel in a python method?

Because I need to access it’s properties in the python script as I said. I was thinking
it should be like these but I couldnt figure it out.

like so:

Simply used:

OUT = IN[0][1].Parameters

No unwrapping, and of course this could be put into a loop.

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