Access Built-in Parameter (Point Name)

This seems like some thing simple, but i can’t find the way to access the name of a reference point inside a family that’s loaded in the project. As it does not give me the elements’ geometry inside the family until they are Dynamo Geometry so no longer useable but the nodes requiring elements as input.

Trying to access name highlighted in blue.

I have found how to access the built in Parameter name. Not been able to use the drop down from Orchid as can’t convert the id to a name.

I am already accessing the families in a Revit Project without placing them using this script which will maybe help with answering some of the questions regarding why can’t you manually select the families etc. As they are loaded but not placed and won’t be placed ever I need to work in the Project Environment to work with Alignments using civil connection package.

I am not sure you can access a reference point name inside a project.

Curious as to what you are trying to accomplish with this? Can you go a little more into your workflow? Also, can you post the family? The DYN would be good to. The more info you can provide the better chance someone will help you

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In this case by know the names of the points i can sort the order/direction of the curves. Generally having access to point names both inside nested families and projects would be a great help.

With a bit more testing I can use a Family Type Parameter to access associate the names with text, but this does not return any points and just the parameter names and also removes the default family type. And thus removes the curves so this is not a viable option either. Will try and make a Demo family/ Dynamo code today and upload it.