About the INPUT of Building Mass Generator

I have a question about the sample files presented in the Generative Design Primer.
In the parameters connected to the INPUT of the Building Mass Generator, the U and V values are just checkmarks in the INPUT.
As you can see in the image, they are only connected to List Create and do not seem to affect the subsequent processing.
However, in the Study screen of Generative Design, the model is controlled as an INPUT. (second image)
I don’t understand the logic behind this, which is why I asked the question. Any answer from you would be hugely appreciated.

It’s just another option for creating points.

If you look at what the two watch nodes are doing, they’re both just creating random lists of normalized values (0-1). The one being used by default is just a random list based on set seed values that get shuffled around. This could be replaced by the list of inputs to give you individual control over each value and allow for optimization if necessary.

I see!
I understand now. Thank you very much.