A pythonic WOW!

hi there
right now i am using Dynamo
i am using Dynamo both in Revit and in Sandbox.
i have a python script that i read using “Python Script from String”

the script is just reading some excel and doing analysis resulting in a list.

now the funny part:
if run i sandbox everything fine, the script works like expected.

when in Revit environment it fails with tons of errors

for me that is ridiculous as i am using the same python script and the same excel file!!!

anyone else had the same experience?

Can you show us the script and subsequent errors?

The error discovered is that if you read an Excel with sandbox numbers are imported as strings so it is possible to do a calculation like a + b = c for a = „0“ and b = „text“

If you try the same in Revit numbers are imported as numbers text as text.

So you will have to convert the number to a string str(a)

Not an amazing recovery, but weird that the same node behaves differently.