A problem with creating floor element by circular curve with dynamo

while creating a simple floor element from circle curve it fails due to the following error .
Warning: Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel operation failed.
The curves do not form a closed contiguous loop.
Parameter name: curves

Hi @mhmodeldeep2

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Could you show us your complete graph with all the previews on?

first of all thank you for kind reply . the first image that’s what i wan to make . the second while trying to perform the node to one circle and one level and didn’t work too.

You can’t use directly circle to create wall even in Revit when you create a wall in Revit using a circle, it actually creates 2 half-circles. If you split your circle from the midpoint, it works:


I have created floor openings for MEPF elements ( current and linked file) , my script works fine only Oval and rectangular Ducts but not in Circular. please help me to find out. 1. Opening by selected element.dyn (31.5 KB)