2.13 and old Packages?

Hello, I did some searching and haven’t come up with any results related to my issue, so I’m wondering if it’s just me…
In Dynamo 2.13 when I search for packages, I cannot get the details to popup when I click the View Details link that is next to +Install. When I click the View Details link, nothing seems to happen.
Am I alone here? Any ideas on things I could do to try to fix the issue?

Since this is with a new release of Revit I’ve just gone ahead and installed all of the latest versions for the packages we use, so it’s not a big issue right now, but it could be in the future.

Is there any particular package you are looking for?

Just confirmed I’m having the same issue too. Checked a few common packages (Lunchbox, archi-lab, and Orchid) with none of them showing any additional details.

Not sure if packages need to be re-published in 2.13 in order to sort out all the new metadata?

I always downloaded my packages from: dynamopackages.com , the site is down now.
There’s a backup though. (If it still works)
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

The site is working for me though, What error do you see?

@_Vijay none in particular. I’ve tried clicking on many and none seem to work.

Thanks @Nick_Boyts, glad its not just me.

something to do with the domain it says

Someone forgot to pay maybe?

@Marcel_Rijsmus, thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about the website, as I always use the interface inside Dynamo to get my packages. The website seems to be working for me on the US side…

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Maybe there’s an eruption in the mid Atlantic ridge we don’t know of :rofl: right where the cable is


Dynamopackages.com is working again.

So my time has come…
I need to install DyanmoIronPython2.7 version 2.1.0, the current version available in the package search inside dynamo is 2.5.0. When I download and ‘install’ 2.1.0 from dynamopackages.com, Dynamo doesn’t like it and shows an error in the Package Manager.

Is there a special way to install downloaded packages? I unzipped the download and created a folder in my package directory and copy/pasted the files and folders from the zip file into it while Revit/Dynamo was closed.
Am I doing something wrong? Like I said above, I don’t usually use the website to get packages.