1 Spot Elevation 2 Elevation Origin

Hi everyone,

I would like to know , if is possible to have 1 spot elevation, but showing 2 Elevation Origin Reference (Survey Point+Project Base Point)

I’ve already try, without success:
1/ Adding a instances Suffix (as string)

But, I can’t move the position of the Suffix (instead right side…I need it Below)

2/ Unlock the Lower value (because is a “read-only” parameter) to write another value taking the Single/Upper Value as reference

3/ Adding an annotation family inside the spot elevation symbol.

I will be very grateful for your help

Hi, I have adapted myself by changing a little more of your dyn file.

Survey Point.dyn (15.5 KB)
Survey Point

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@Bora_Akin upload your graph as a new topic in the “Share” category elaborating more on what it does :slight_smile: will be more useful for users to find!

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Hi everyone,

I’m also interested by this spot elevation that show 2 elevation origins, oneabove the other.

I have tested the dyn file and works fine but still it’s not exatly what I’m also looking for…
The ddyn file give 2 elevation origins but one next to the other…

If somoeone has any clue on having the 2 informations like on the picture that sent veas87 would be great.

Thanks in advance to the comunity for the help!


it’s not possible. i looking for answer same question.