Autosave Frequency

Having an issue where save times are close to a minute (after graph has been executed), and Dynamo v running as a R14 add-in is autosaving every minute and /or on some other unknown queue or interval. I am essentially unable to work. Does anyone have any experience with this issue or insight on this? Is there a way to control autosave frequency? Is there a way to disable autosave. Thanks.

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By default, Dynamo files will be automatically backed up every one minute. The frequency can be changed through the file: “%AppData%/Dynamo/<version number>/DynamoSettings.xml”. The <version number> need to be updated to a proper one. For example, if you are using Dynamo 0.8.2, it is 0.8 and the file is “%AppData%/Dynamo/0.8/DynamoSettings.xml”. After you find this file, you can find a place like this in the file: <BackupInterval>60000</BackupInterval> . 60000 means 60000ms. You can change the backup frequency by modifying this number.