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I am trying to retrieve the value from a parameter called Created by found in Workset, but I am currently unable to do so. Although the parameter exists when Owners is set in the Workshating Display Settings, it does not feature when listing all parameters associated to a workset. Is there a way to extract this information using Built in nodes? Or, perhaps, something written in a Code Block that would do the trick?

There are 18 Parameters extracted and this is what I have achieved so far:

This is the Dynamo version we are allowed to use in the office:

I thank you all beforehand for your support on this.

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Hi @Haley_Jovi_Cazarini

You will find your solution here


Hi Kulkul,

Thank you so much for the information.
It worked just as I needed.

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Hi @Kulkul you read my mind…

@4bimfercesp I read everyone’s mind :smile:

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You certainly do. It is impressive how you can find all the info. I searched for this but it would not give me the post you sent me. Anyway! Well done Mind Reader! :smile:

All the topics are stored in my brain. I searched in my brain not the Forum / Google search :smile:

Impressive as I said! :smile:

Here is how you mark the post as solved.

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Thank you! :grinning: