Width of a sollid (not cuboid...)

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Here is the pb :

I don’tk now how to get the width of a solid, I tried to transform it in a cuboid to get the WIDTH, but it doesn’t work, because event if I rotate the cuboid the width isn’t the one I want.

the picture here =>

Any suggestion or tips ?

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This could help: Room angle with bounding box, cuboid


Hi, thanks for your help Jacob.

  • One other methode is to divide the volume by the (lenght*height) if theses values are known.
    #Back to the basics

But unfortunately in my case the solids are not always rectangular.

I am trying your method but it’s a bit difficult througth … the rotation of the solid is hard to handle
(i’m a new dynamo user). Althrough I used "Topology.Edges " nodes to get the …edges of the solids.

Will post back if I succeed.

Here is a link that could help :

And a video for a better solid understanding made by LEARNING WITH RICH



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for those who will have the same pb

Add to the solution of @JacobSmall would fit perfectly :slight_smile: