Why is dynamo adding a suffix to my names everytime I run the script?

Why is dynamo adding a suffix to my names every time I run the script? I have a list of level names that I want to add to the project, but as I leave dynamo running on automatic, then every time I change or add a level in my excel file it adds a suffix to the sheets? Why is that? I mean is it creating duplicate new views/levels everytime? I dont want to do that I just want it to only have one in and have it named properly. Is there a way to check to see if it already exists, or has changed? Only then add it if it doesnt or change the elevation if the elevation changed? Does that make sense? Thanks


Seems a bit odd. I suppose you could get all views in the project, Use the excel list to test if these views exist, use the Boolean Filter to filter the false ones as these don’t exist, then create those only.

Does it do this when on manual run mode? Or just automatic?

Also, it appears you are not running the latest install of Dynamo (V1.2), perhaps this may have fixed any issues with bugs like this, it’s worth a shot.


Dynamo is adding a suffix because an object with that name already exists in the given category. You must have already created those levels / views at some point. To confirm do a search in the proejct browser.

@Andreas_Dieckmann, yes I figured that, But I want to limit dynamo from creating them again if they already exist, and besides, creating them again, I think its just over writting the old ones and in the mean time adding the suffix. :confused:

Actually, it’s not. If it were overwriting stuff it would be unnecessary to change the name. It’s actually easy to reproduce: Just have Dynamo create a “Level 1” level with an elevation of 0 in the standard arch template and you’ll find it’ll give you a “Level 1(1)” level. In my book that’s a bug - you should post it on the DynamoRevit GitHub site:

Regarding your actual problem: I would suggest you get all levels in the project and check whether the ones that you want to create (i.e. that have a certain name) already exist (at the correct elevation) before you move on to making levels.