Why is Code Block ""; not eq to String "" when both are Object.Type System.String?

Whilst trying and failing with various methods to figure out how to remove what are apparently empty strings in the list shown in my image here, I noticed that == returned false for inputs from a Code Block of “”; and a String of “”.
In my testing, as shown here, both are Object.Type of System.String so I can’t fathom why they aren’t equal, and searching hasn’t yielded an answer.

Thanks - Rusty

Hi @rgesner,

when you use the String node you don’t need “”. Leave it empty if you want an empty string.

To clean your list, use the OOTB List.Clean node


that is an interesting problem…have you tryed to solve it with an python code?..(maybe i have time the next days, than i try it)

@salvatoredragotta I think you can explain it with a single image like so:

@Fiesta I am not sure what problem you are going to be solving for the next few days, but good luck!


Well, that is embarrassingly clear :flushed: Thanks